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"As an international airline captain, I am expected to be punctual, dependable and very precise in flying my aircraft. As a consumer, I tend to have the same high expectations of the professionals who work on my home."




Does your kitchen needs a face lift? We can match and coordinate the finishes on your walls and ceiling with your cabinets, backsplash, doors, furniture and floors.

cabinet finishes

Bathrooms can be dressed up the same way using various techniques, colors, textures and imagination.

Residential interiors

We are available for all types of furniture, shelf units and wall refinishing.

Interior finishes

Decorative Faux Finishes
Would you love to capture the splendor of European walls in your home, the charm of country cottage or a western bunkhouse? What about a whimsical child’s bedroom or a masculine leathered-look study? Whatever look you are going for, paint is a most versatile and magical way to transform the appearance and personality of a room and home.

Using propriety methods he developed himself as well as time-honored techniques Bobby McWilliams can help transform any room of your home into the home of your dreams.

DFW Home Painters

Faux is fabulous, but not every wall needs a faux design. In fact, for many faux finishes to have the right impact, simple painted walls in thoughtful colors should be a part of the home design.

Often all a room or wall may need is a fresh coat of paint to work wonders. Granted, sometimes, selecting colors can be intimidating. Keep in mind, there are few rules for color. It all depends on what you like and the statement you want to make.

So, whether you prefer bold strong color or a gentle hint of color with quiet neutrals, you should stay with tones and shades that make you happy. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration and Bobby McWilliams Artistic Interiors & Exteriors to help you create your own personal style.

House painting

Paint and other finishes are a powerful way to change the look and feel of your home at the curb.


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